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November News and Upcoming Events at Kamp K-9

Sticks & Bones - November 2017

Disney at Kamp K-9

In September, Disney (yes... that Disney) videoed a commercial at Kamp K-9 that involved (no surprise) dogs! It was an exciting time for Top Dog, Sue Quinn and her "Krew" and everyone was tickled pink to be a part of the Disney project at Kamp K-9. Stay tuned for viewing of the finalized version of the commercial that will go to air.

Kamp K-9 is hiring for the following positions:

  • Experienced Groomer 
  • Kamp Kounsellor. Weekend Shift - Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6 am til 2 pm.
  • Kamp Kounsellor. Maternity Leave - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 10 pm til 6 am and Wednesday afternoon shift from 2 pm til 10 pm. This is a Full-Time position of 7-.5 hours per shift / 37.5 hours per week). The Maternity Leave will likely start either December or January for one year.

Kamp K-9 Celebrates 5 Years in the Dog House! 

October was Kamp K-9's 5th Anniversary... Woof Woof! We are planning a celebration bash for a later date - Stay tuned for further details.

Ta Da! Mississauga's Best Pet Daycare is Kamp K-9

Kamp K-9 was honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the Mississauga News Readers' Choice Award for the "Best Pet Daycare" in all of Mississauga. An Awards Ceremony was held where Top Dog - Sue Quinn, received the Award. Thanks so much to all our clients, friends and family who voted for us in order to win the First Place "Platinum" Award in our Category.

Pug-O-Ween Costume Party

This year, Kamp K-9 hosted the Pug-O-Ween Costume party. All the cutest (and scariest) Pugs came to Kamp K-9 to partake in the festivities. The weather co-operated as well and it was warm and sunny enough to take the party outside to our huge fenced-in, grassy play area. We all enjoyed both the fresh air and rolling of Pugs in the grass.

Upcoming Events at Kamp K-9

Saturday, November 25 - Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning Clinic at Kamp K-9 Mississauga. We are welcoming back Angelika and her crew to make your dog's teeth sparkle and shine and get rid of all that nasty plaque and tartar. "SMILE". Call to book your time slot now for this amazing, stress-free, professional treatment! 905.278-5267

Saturday, December 2 - Shiba Inu Meet-Up at Kamp K-9 Mississauga - 1-3 pm - Swift Shiba Inus are coming to run around and have some fun meeting each other at Kamp. Bring your sassy Shibas for a howling good time.

Sunday, December 3 - Whippet Group Meet-Up at Kamp K-9 Mississauga - 1-4 pm - Bring your Whippets for a meet-and-greet. Maybe they'll meet a "cousin" or two while getting to know the other Whippet's that come to visit.

Sunday, December 10 - Old English Bulldog Meet-Up for Holiday Fun at Kamp K-9 Mississauga. 1-3 pm - Let's check out those Ugly Holiday Sweaters once again that make great pictures for your Album (and ours). Drooling but lovable - bring your Old English Bulldog to join in all the fun.

Sunday, December 17 - Pierre from Freeze Frame Foto is coming to take "professional" holiday photos of your pets (and yourself if you would like) that will be life-long treasures and definitely wall-hanging worthy. Call to book your time slot today. 905.278.5267

Holiday Boarding for Fritz and Franny

Make sure to book your boarding dates for the Holiday Season as quickly as possible as spots are going fast. We have 12 extra rooms this year since Disney very generously donated 12 large cages that they used for the commercial shoot at Kamp K-9 in September. Lucky us! We have extra room... but we've also gained a lot more clients this year.

Sad to See You Go Closings:

Doggie Central at Highway 10 and Lakeshore closed down in June. If you know anyone that used to go there and are looking for a place "still close to home", we would love it if you could ask them to come and check out Kamp K-9 as their next "home-away-from-home" for their furry four-legged family member.

PawsWay on Queens Quay in Toronto also closed down on September 5th of this year and a lot of the events that they used to hold are now finding their way to Kamp K-9 Mississauga. If you know of any groups looking for a venue for their meet-up festivities, please send them our way. We can certainly help meet their needs!

Wag-A-Way Kennels on Trafalgar Road, Dogs at Camp, and AARF At Home in Mississauga also closed their doors this year so if you know anyone who had booked at these locations and are scrambling to find a new location, give them our coordinates.

Thanks for reading our update. You and your four-legged friends are truly appreciated! 

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We picked up our 4 very energetic huskies today after their 22 day stay while Jim had his knee replaced. They were looking beautiful after being groomed. And we could tell that they had lots of fun and a great stay at Kamp. So glad that we have...

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